Our mission is to provide high quality hospital and office based health care for people of all ages.

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This is not your typical doctor's office.  We are a patient-centered medical home. We take the time to discuss all your concerns. We make communication easy, either by secure email or by appointments available the day you call. Your care is coordinated and organized through Dr. Barron, who can take care of a wide range of problems (including issues that often result in expensive emergency room or urgent care visits). 
The office uses new technologies to run efficiently.
• Patients make appointments on-line
• Other communication takes place through our secure patient portal
• Most prescriptions are sent electronically 

All patient data is stored securely in an electronic record so that nothing is misplaced and information is easily sent to other providers.  We can review web-based medical information, such as drug interaction checking, with you during your visit as required.  

Dr. Barron cares for his patients in the hospital at St. Mary's, St. Clare, and Depaul.
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