Our mission is to provide high quality hospital and office based health care for people of all ages.

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We are actively seeking employers interested in reducing their overall healthcare expenses by directly purchasing high quality primary care benefits for their employees.
How Does this Work?

Continuity: by keeping his panel small he does not need to share patient care responsibilities.  Whether office visit, hospital stay, phone call or email, all care occurs through Dr. Barron.  This reliable relationship builds trust which improves patient compliance.  Duplicate testing and unnecessary trips to the ER are eliminated because patients receive all their care from someone who knows them.
Accessibility: Dr. Barron keeps spaces open in each day's schedule so that everyone that calls for an appointment gets seen the same day no matter what their problem.  He gives his cell phone number to all his patients.  Timely intervention before problems get worse often prevents expensive testing, ER visits, and hospital stays.

Coordination: when more than one doctor is involved in someone's care the result is often confusion rather than clarity.  Dr. Barron takes the time to choose reliable consultants, provides them the information they need, and follows up to make sure nothing is left up in the air.

Comprehensive Care: Dr. Barron takes the time necessary to address a wide range of complaints in patients of all ages.  With enough time to take a thorough history and do a complete exam, many tests, procedures, and consults are unnecessary.  This saves both money and excess risk associated with procedures.

These four pillars of effective primary care define the patient centered medical home. There is a growing body of evidence that this is our best hope of "bending the cost curve." See the links below for two reports published by national organizations about what is going on in other parts of the country and what employers here can do to take advantage of what we have learned.

NRHI Payment Reform Series

Purchaser Guide by the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative


Top 10 Reasons for ER visits, 2008

Acute Upper Respiratory Infection Ear Infection
Urinary Tract Infection Sore Throat
Chest Pain, not otherwise specified Pneumonia
Abdominal Pain Headache
Chest Pain, not elsewhere classified Back Pain

Of the nine conditions listed above, six are rarely emergencies, two are sometimes emergencies (pneumonia and abdominal pain), and chest pain is usually an emergency.  Preventing emergency room visits for problems that can easily be addressed with an office visit is one way high quality primary care can save you money. 

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