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Late or Missed Appointments

Dr. Barron strives to stay on time as a courtesy to his patients. Those who arrive late for their appointment may find our time together drastically reduced.  If your appointment time has passed we will be happy to reschedule for later the same day or the next day.

We reserve the right to charge a $25 fee for missed appointments

Confidentiality and Its Limits

Our discussions are strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone without your express permission given in writing. There are, however, certain exceptions that you should know about:

1. Dr. Barron must report suspected cases of child abuse both to the police and to the Child Protective Services Division
    of the Department of Public Social Services.

2. Dr. Barron must report spousal abuse and elder abuse to the police.

3. Dr. Barron may need to report you to public safety officers if Ihe feels that you may be in imminent danger of harming
    yourself or others.

4. Dr. Barron is obligated to attempt to warn and protect intended victims if he has reason to believe you are likely to inflict
    bodily harm on someone else.

5. Dr. Barron may be ordered by a court of law to testify or to release medical records.

Confidentiality with Adolescent Minors

Patients under the age of eighteen must normally be accompanied by a parent or guardian to each visit. Parents are often understandably curious and concerned about the treatment of their children. It is Dr. Barron's position that young people need to develop trust in their doctor and need some degree of security and privacy to do so.

Dr. Barron encourages teenagers to share information about their health with their parents or guardians. However, there will be some things that your teenager would rather talk about with a doctor, nurse, or counselor.  Missouri law allows teenagers to receive some health care services on their own. Health care providers have to keep those services confidential.

If your teenager receives the following services, we cannot give you information about these visits without permission from your son or daughter:

• The prevention or treatment of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and other contagious diseases
• The diagnosis and treatment of sexual and physical abuse
• Care and counseling for drug or alcohol problems
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